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Biography Podcast 0004: Thedore F. Green

The fourth episode of the podcast - Theodore F. Green, Rhode Island Governor and Senetor and name sake of T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, RI. Enjoy!

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Today's Text
"Ninety-five percent, it's been estimated, of the newspapers of the country are Republican, anti-Democrat, anti-administration."
Theodore F. Green

It is obvious from that quote, Theodore F. Green lived in a very different era.

Theodore Francis Green, also know as Theodore F. Green - which just shows that even in the 1800's any guy called Francis was going to take abuse - was born October 2, 1867 in Providence County, Providence, Rhode Island. Young Theodore was born into a family of politicians that go back as far as the War for Independence, including great-great-grandfather Jonathan Arnold who was a member of the Rhode Island General Assembly in 1776, served as a physician in the Revolutionary Army, and later served as a member to the Continental Congress in 1782. Also in the family was great-uncle Tristam Burges Arnold who was appointed Chief Justice of the RI Supreme Court and also served in Congress, great-uncle Lemuel Hastings Arnold who was a member of the US Congress and Governor of Rhode Island, great-grandfather James Burrill, Jr. who was Rhode Island Attorney General and a long time Congressman, and grand-uncle Samuel Greene Arnold who was Lt. Governor of Rhode Island, served in the War of Northern Aggression (which some call the Civil War) and was later elected Senator from the State of Rhode Island.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you think that you were under pressure to perform growing up, I submit that you didn't see ANYTHING next to young Theodore!

Green attended both public and private grammar and prep schools until he went to college, where he attended and graduated from Brown University. From Brown, young Theodore followed the more recent family propensity to practice law (rather than medicine which was the wish of great-great-grandfather Jonathan Arnold) and along with many other members of the family attended Harvard University Law School, and going one step further, also studied at the Universities of Bonn and Berlin in Germany, then was admitted to the bar in 1892. After passing the bar Green set up practice in Providence and also became an instructor in Roman Law at Brown University from 1894-1897.

Along with many of his contemporaries - including General Logan of Logan Airport fame - Green also served in the Spanish-American war, receiving a commission as Lieutenant. After the war, Green returned home to Rhode Island and started his political career in earnest, becoming a member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives in 1907 and was chairman of the city plan commission of Providence in 1917-1919. He was an unsuccessful Democratic candidate for Governor in 1912 and for Congress in 1918. Finally, in 1932 Green broke through in a bid to become Governor where he served until 1936. In 1936, Green was elected to the US Senate where he served until 1961.

T.F. Green was financially interested in numerous corporations and business enterprises and served as an officer and director, but it seems that not much else is recorded about him. At the time he retired from the Senate in 1961, he was - at 93 - the oldest person to serve in Congress. T.F. Green passed away in Providence on May 19, 1966.

T.F. Green airport was dedicated in 1931, though internet history does not record its original name. It was named, I assume, for the former Governor and long time Senator after his death.

Well folks, thats our biography for today. One of the things I found most interesting about T.F. Green was his family, even more than his own impressive service record. Next episode we will move back down the east coast to Reagan International Airport in Washington, DC. I'll do my best to keep that episode short - but there is a LOT of information about him available.

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Lastly, I've done several interviews with interesting folks such as Philip Torrone from Make Magazine, Mark Jeffrey author of the P&P, Matthew Wayne Selznick author of Brave Men Run and Cali Lewis of Geek Brief TV. Would anyone be interested in having some of those interviews played in this stream or would you prefer a different stream that is essentially biographical interviews? Let me know!

But, for now, don't just sit there and listen to podcasts all day, get out there and do something awesome that will be in your biography!


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