Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Welcome to the Biography Podcast!

Well, here's the first post of yet another blog/podcast! Man am I psycho or what! I'm looking forward to doing this podcast because it's totally different than any of the others and it is certainly something I have an interest in! So, I hope you enjoy this short format, scripted (yes! that's right, I'm going to be scripted in this one!) podcast with biographies of all kinds of interesting folks. Of course, let me know who you might want a biography on too!


1 comment:

CyberGal said...

Great idea for a weekly podcast.

After you finish the 'airports', what about looking into the concept of 'hero'? How has our idea of 'hero' changed - if it has, over the last few decades, or centuries?

Totally cool sign-off on this blog! I leave you now, to do something interesting with the rest of this day :)